Safe electrifiable rail style permanent paddock fencing


Install Safety4Horses safe, electrifiable rail style permanent paddock fencing for your horse today.  Invest today, sit back and enjoy this ultra low maintenance fence for the next 10+ years.  Keep the rails looking immaculate by simply wiping with a damp cloth (and re-tension occasionally as required). VERY easy to install.

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Safety4Horses electrifiable permanent paddock fencing (lasts 10+ years)

Safety4Horses paddock fencing R45.08 (Incl VAT) per rail per metre including normal set of fittings

Welcome to Safety4Horses rail style paddock fencing

Safety4Horses Fencing is permanent rail-style post and rail paddock fencing designed especially for horses and proud horse owners. Your property stays looking beautiful and immaculate for many years with this very visible paddock fencing. It offers extraordinary safety for horses (no more injuries getting caught in a fence, or cut on a splintered or broken rail). You can electrify the fence rail (no additional wires required). The continuous rail remains straight and has a non-absorbent surface (dirt and dust can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth). No maintenance, No painting, No replacing rails, No rotting etc.
• Safety4Horses Fence Rail has a unique combination of wire rope encased in a continuous 100mm wide flexible plastic rail which makes it VERY safe for horses and VERY strong – the rails do not become brittle over time.
• Safety4Horses fence rails will last at least 10 years in South African weather conditions (the UV stabilisation specification of the plastic is at least 10 years).
• Safety4Horses Fence rail is incredibly easy to install

We have installations in South Africa and further afield ( including Zimbabwe, Zambia and Chad).

Paddock Gate

Paddock Gates to match

Safety4Horses Paddock Fencing

Nicky Whitfield Randjiesfontein

Nicky Whitfield installed Safety4Horses fencing in about 2011. She has an absolutely immaculate equestrian property in Randjiesfontein. When she installed her paddocks, she was looking for safe, attractive, permanent fencing. She chose our Safety4Horses fence rail and had 3 rails installed on square powder-coated posts.

She had gates made to fit seamlessly into the fence-line.

Safety4Fencing on curved driveway

Safety4Horses fencing looks immaculate on a curved driveway

Nicky still says it is the best of any equestrian product available anywhere in South Africa….. she says it continues to be exactly as promised…..
• “you said Safety4Horses fence rail would be extremely safe for horses – it is”;
• “you said it is maintenance free – it is”;
• “you said it looks REALLY smart and stays that way – it does”; and
• “you said it was really easy to install – and it was”.

In Nicky’s view there aren’t any other options that provide this unique combination of benefits (extraordinary safety, immense strength, high visibility, attractiveness, durability, maintenance-free, and the ability to remain absolutely immaculate). Nicky also used Safety4Horses fence rail when she built her paddocks alongside her curved driveway (Safety4Fencing flexible rail can follow curves perfectly).

Colour Design

Colour is an ATTITUDE

Colour is an ATTITUDE

The colour you choose isn’t a colour…. it is an ATTITUDE

Enjoy effortless style with Safety4Horses Rail Style Fence

Enjoy effortless style with Safety4Horses Rail Style Fence

Manufactured into the rail, the colour is permanent and requires no maintenance…. popular colours are white, brown and green….

Discuss the options to personalise your colour

Effortless Style

Sit back and delight in your Safety4Horses paddocks… They simply stay immaculate for at least 10 years……



So what actually happens if my horse runs into my Safety4Horses fence rail?facebook-communication-re-safe-fencing-20161124

Many of us have friends or have personally experienced serious injuries or death when a horse has run through a wire, electric tape or wooden fence.

The exceptional safety feature designed in the Safety4Horses fence rails is the rails release at the ratchet end if a horse runs into it. The fence is thick and wide so it does not coil as wire tends to and doesn’t snap and splinter like wood. The design is such that it is virtually impossible for a horse to get tied up in the rail.

Once your horse is calm and settled it is VERY easy to re-tension the fence with the ratchet.

Recently a horse in a Safety4Horses fence rail paddock ran into the fence….. and this is the comment from the happy horse owner… “We love it, one of our horses had a crazy 5 minutes and ran through it, all what happened is it unrolled from the ratchet and, no harm to the horse and 2 minutes to re attach. Great product.”

So how does Safety4Horses fence rail work?

Safety4Fencing immaculate installation

Immaculate beautiful paddock fence

Safety4Fencing Product

Safety4Horses Fence Rail, in between fence brackets, end bracket and tensioning ratchet

Safety4Horses Fence Rail is a tensioned continuous plastic rail about100mm wide and 1-2mm thick. The rail has 3 encased wire ropes (one runs along the top, one runs along the middle and one runs along the bottom of the rail). The white 100mm strip is VERY visible and the wire rope is extremely strong. The combination of wire rope in 1-2mm thick plastic makes it EXCEPTIONALLY safe (should the rail come undone it is highly unlikely for a horse to get tied up in it). The rail is fixed to a post at one end of the fence (this post must be firmly concreted into the ground). The continuous rail slides through fence insulators installed on each fence post (set about 2 ½m – 3m apart). Every 50 – 60 metres the continuous rail is tensioned with a tensioner on a post that needs to be firmly concreted into the ground. The tensioner keeps the fence-rail immaculate (straight and tight). The encased wire rope is also used for the electrification of the fence and is attached to a separately purchased energiser.

Is this a security fence?

Horses respect the electrification and it prevents horses rubbing and/or biting the fence. It is NOT a security fence.

Customers installations

Safety4Fencing electrifiable permanent paddock fencing (lasts 10+ years)

Immaculate installation of Safety4Horses electrifiable permanent paddock fence rails (lasts 10+ years)

Safety4Horses fence rail installation in Pretoria

Safety4Fencing 3 rail fence

We have customers who have installed four rails, three rails, two rails and one rail fences. The most popular is a three rail fence.

Most customers electrify the top rail. Customers enjoy the best of both worlds as their properties look VERY attractive with permanent, maintenance-free ranch-style white post and rail fencing and their horses are VERY safe in electrified paddocks where they are highly unlikely to get hurt (Safety4Horses fence rail is tremendously safe).

Dressage Arena with Safety4Horses Fencing

Dressage Arena with 2 rails of Safety4Horses fence rail

Single rail fence

Single rail Safety4Horses fence rail paddock

This fencing suits all shapes of horse paddocks (it follows curves perfectly) including paddocks that need to be electrified. It is perfect for the edge of dressage arenas and other working areas. It is VERY effective on stud farms especially stallion camps. Riding for the Disabled have successfully used it as the edge of their open sided indoor arena. It can also be used decoratively for example to line a driveway, an avenue of trees or on a golf course.


How do you install Safety4Horses fence rail?

Safety4Horses Fencing is incredibly simple and quick to install. Once your poles are in place a 2 rail 15m x 15m paddock can be fully installed in less than an hour.


Safety4Horses fence rail requires firmly concreted in posts every 50 – 60 metres and on corners as the fence is tensioned. It is recommended the end posts are at least 125mm. The “in-between” posts should be 2 ½ – 3m apart. The in-between posts do not need to be as substantial as the corner posts and do not need to be concreted in. Most people, however use the same posts to ensure the fence looks immaculate.

Making the rail exactly level

Installing in-between brackets is as simple as putting up a builder’s line to ensure the in-between brackets will be exactly level and firmly screwing the in between brackets onto the posts. The rail slides through the in-between insulator brackets and into the ratchet on the other end. The tensioner is tightened onto the pole and the fence is tensioned using a 24 spanner.

How does the fence stay straight?

Safety4Horses fence rail fixed end being installed


Connecting the fence to your energiser

Safety4Horses fence rail has a fixed end and a ratchet end. The ratchet is used to tension the fence. This keeps the fence tight and immaculate.

Both ends are incredibly easy to install. The picture on the left is the fixed end being installed and the picture on the right hand side shows the ratchet.

Electrifying your Safety4Horses fence rail – how do you attach your energiser?


Connecting your fence to your energiser

Connecting your fence to your energiser

Electrifying your Safety4Horses fence rail is exceptionally easy. As part of the installation process you strip the plastic off the wire at each fixed end and each ratchet. You attach this to your energiser.

What is the pricing of the fencing?

The rail is R36 per metre per rail (excluding VAT). This includes a normal set of end brackets, in-between fence insulators and tensioner ratchets. The price includes delivery to any destination in South Africa.

The rail comes standard in 200m rolls (we do make up orders to meet customer requirements at no extra cost). We have appointed agents and installers in some areas of South Africa e.g. Western Cape.

Why Safety4Horses fence rail?

Kevin from Safety4Horses explains “Safety4Horses is a division of my company Klips n Things CC that was founded in 1996. We are very experienced in the design and manufacture of durable outdoor plastic products. My knowledge and experience in plastics and my love of horses led me to start a range of safe, long-lasting and attractive equestrian products.”

Where is the Safety4Horses Fence Rail manufactured and are spares available?

The complete product range is manufactured in South Africa. All the parts are available individually including every piece of the tensioner.

How easy is the Safety4Horses fence rail to maintain?

Safety4Horses fencing is permanent and maintenance-free. Dirt is not absorbed into the plastic. It remains straight and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth.


Customers love their Safety4Horses super safe paddock fencing

Is the Safety4Horses fence rail pleasing to the eye?

Ranch-Style post and rail fencing is VERY eye catching. Equestrian properties with the Safety4Horses Fence Rail installed are grand properties that are strikingly beautiful with clean visible lines.

Our customers love their Safety4Horses Paddock Fencing

• Safety4Horses Fencing was engineered and developed to provide maximum safety with minimum fuss and expense for installation and maintenance.
• Safety4Horses Fencing is the ultimate fencing solution that lives up to its name:
• Safety4Horses Fencing keeps your horses safe –is an innovative design of three-strands of steel cable are embedded in a durable, UV-proof plastic sheath. The top wire of the rail is electrified using our patented method of electrification.
• Safety4Fencing makes properties look beautiful and keeps them looking beautiful – get the crisp, clean look of rail and post fencing without the upkeep.
• Safety4Horses Fencing is very cost effective. Once you have bought and installed the fencing you can expect at least 10 years of hassle free, no cost, maintenance free paddocks – NO more painting, NO more constant repairs.
• Safety4Horses Fencing is VERY easy to install – just roll-out the length of fencing required, cut and attach it to your poles
• Safety4Horses Fencing is easy to maintain – just wipe with a damp cloth for it to look as good as new – no painting required
• Safety4Horses Fencing is easy to adjust just tighten the fencing with a ratchet when required – it is also easy to move should you decide to change the design of your paddocks.
• Safety4Horses Fencing is the answer for making fencing immaculate, easy and extremely safe.



Safety4Fencing Paddock Fencing with fittings

Safety4Horses Paddock Fencing with fittings R45.08 per metre (incl VAT) includes standard fittings



Ratchet locked in safety positionRatchet open for tensioning fenceFence wrapped around ratchet
Wooden post with plastic bracket securing the fence every 3 meters.Heavy duty polymer strengthened with three strands of high tensile wireRatchet attached to wooden post

Ideas for where you can install Safety4Horses Paddock Fencing:

Circular lunging rings
Dressage arenas
Jumping arenas
Paddock fencing
Stud farms
Drive ways
Racing false rails
Training tracks
Loose schools
Temporary show rings
Event management
Hotel grounds
Polo fields
Home fencing
Crowd control
Veterinary use



Compare Safety 4 poly fences to traditional equine fencing:

Wooden fencing Electric tapes
warps, rots, splinters, and breaks.
broken rails puncture and lacerate horses.
crib biting and weather damage.
constant costly repairs
ideal for temporary paddocks.
not permanent fence solutions.
tapes break easily.
tangles and injuries

Safety 2 strand fence