Stable Ventilation


Safety4Horses Indoor Arena and Stable Ventilation

240mm roof vent with new throat ring

240mm stable roof ventilator (RoofWhirlys4Africa) 

Providing healthy fresh air for the horses you love

The first benefit of the Safety4Horses Equestrian stable and indoor arena ventilation system (HVAC) is it replaces warm, moist, dusty and smelly air with the appropriate amount of fresh air.

The second benefit of the Safety4Horses ventilation system is it ensures good air distribution in your equestrian stable or indoor arena ensuring no “dead air pockets”.

Horses are less prone to stress and bronchial infections when air quality is good.

500mm barn or indoor roof vent (wind turbine)

500mm RoofWhirly4Africa barn / indoor ventilator

Safety4Horses Arena and Stable Ventilation is manufactured by Roofwhirlys4Africa a division of Klips n Things CC the manufacturer of the Safety4Horses range of equestrian products.  These wind driven roof mounted turbine ventilators extract dust, stale unhealthy air, fumes and moisture 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Fuelled by nature,  this ventilation system does not require electricity, and provides fresh healthy draught-free air.  They are inexpensive to buy, simple to install and will provide 10+ years of  excellent ventilation with little or no maintenance requirement.  Made from an extremely durable plastic they have 2 permanently sealed lubricated bearings that ensure they remain whisper silent.

These Safety4Horses Arena and Stable Ventilation are available to purchase online at

Animal health is very important to horse owners, and good air quality is essential for minimizing respiratory health problems.

Good air quality starts with a good ventilation system that also helps protect the horse barn structure from moisture damage by reducing condensation.


500mm RoofWhirly4Africa roof vent

What is good air quality for horses?

Horses are more comfortable in well ventilated barns with good barn air temperature and humidity, and few air contaminants and drafts. Barn air temperature is affected by the season, and the species, age and weight of the horses. Temperatures ranging from 10°C to 24°C can be considered optimum; avoiding sudden changes in air temperature is often more important than the actual temperature. Barn air humidity is also important. Very dry air (low relative humidity) dries the horse’s nasal mucosa and can be a source of dust and pathogen infiltration into the horse’s respiratory system. Very moist air (high relative humidity) combined with low air temperatures can reduce the insulation properties of the horse’s hair coat. Very moist air combined with high air temperatures can create moisture buildup and dripping on the surfaces of building materials inside the horse, which can cause premature deterioration. Relative humidity in horse barns should be in the range of 60%–70%.

Dust, pathogens and gases from feeding, bedding, manure and the horses themselves affect air quality. Dust particles in the air can affect respiratory organs and transmit pathogens. Gases such as ammonia (NH ) and hydrogen sulphide (H S) form acids that burn respiratory tissues. A well ventilated horse barn should not have high levels of moisture or gases.

Just like people, horses do not want to be housed in a drafty area. Air velocity may create discomfort when cold air blows directly onto the horse. Although it is important to have fresh air constantly entering the horse barn throughout the year, it must be distributed evenly to minimize sudden temperature changes and drafts.”

Ontario Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Rural Affairs – Horse Barn Ventilation

Key Features

Long lasting plastic construction – won’t rust or corrode manufactured using  polymer material with UV stabilizer ensures the product is long lasting (at least 10 years) and won’t crack, chip or corrode.

Quiet and efficient- Superior performance – Permanently lubricated bearings ensure optimum performance. Only a light breeze or convection is required. Operates silently without maintenance for many years.

Strong and rain proofWithstands big storms and driving rain and does not leak.

 Ensures clean fresh air aiding health complaints and assisting infection control.

 100% South African made and assembled